An Artist Commemorates His Cat, But Its Not How You Expect

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Losing a pet is never easy and usually involves letting go.. but this is what Bart Jansen did. The 'Orvillecopter' is a quad-copter integrated with Orville's outstretched body.

Jansen worked with a model airplane expert Arjen Beltman to ensure the Orvillecopter was a success.

Jansen describes his creation as "the Orvillecopter, half cat, half machine," He assures that this project is his way on honoring his cat. The idea to turn the cat into an aircraft came from the cat's name, Orville was named after famous aviator Orville Wright. And now everything seems slightly less crazy.

Of course not everyone is too keen on the Orvillecopter, but Jansen brushes it off. He's received plenty of negative comments, despite the fact Orville was converted after his death.

He's managed to convince enough people that this is high end art and Orville is currently on display at a gallery in Amsterdam. All this controversy and coverage has drummed up some high bids for Orville some as high as €100,000.