The Sad Facts About What Happens To People Who Win The Lottery

In early 2015, Hung Nguyen purchased a Powerball ticket for a $1 million dollar lottery at his local supermarket. Then he forgot all about it and left for a trip to Vietnam. Months later he returned to find the entire state of California searching for him. He saw his face on the news after lottery officials released a video posted on YouTube March 11 showing the winner and was overjoyed. There was just one problem: he couldn't find the ticket. He plead with the Lottery office but since he couldn't produce the physical ticket, the money reverted to the California school system and Nguyen went back to work as a mechanic to support his wife and 16-month-old baby.

1. They lose the ticket.

Etta May Urquhart bought a winning ticket in 2012, but was so nervous to sign paperwork to claim the winnings, she let her son sign on her behalf. Lo and behold her son Ronnie claimed the jackpot as his own and went on a spending spree with the money he had claimed.

2. They let someone else claim the prize.

Americo Lopes was delighted when he won the lottery in 2010. He immediately quit his job as a construction worker and started planning how to spend his $38.5 million. Which didn't seem strange until his coworker filed a law suit against him. Turns out the winning ticket had actually been purchased via a cash pool collected by all the employees at his company. In court Lopes tried to claim that the ticket was really his and he wasn't obligated to share his winnings, but the jury didn't buy it. He had to divide the winnings minus the taxes and share the money with his former colleagues.

3. They get greedy.