The Sad Facts About What Happens To People Who Win The Lottery

Vivian Nicholson won the lottery in 1961 she claimed she would spend it all on clothes, and that's exactly what she did. She was soon jobless, alienated from her friends and a widow (despite five marriages), not to mention that she filed for bankruptcy in 1965.

4. They blow it on utterly stupid shit.

Tonda Lynn Dickerson was a Waffle House waitress who was given a lottery ticket as a tip from a generous customer. When the ticket turned out to be a winner, Dickerson's coworkers claimed that they had verbally agreed to split the winnings and took her to court. Scared she might lose the case, the waitress placed her $9 million in a corporation and made her family 51 percent of the stakeholders. A move that, according to the US Tax Court, meant Dickerson was now required to pay a gift tax of $771,570.

5. They invest it un-wisely.

Amanda Clayton was on welfare when she became a 1 million jackpot winner in the Michigan lottery. She must have lost her mind after that though, because apparently it never occurred to her that she could get off welfare now. Shortly thereafter Clayton was arrested for welfare fraud and got five years in the slammer.

6. They get arrested for dumb shit.