10 Weird Things Lottery Winners Spent Their Fortunes On

Robert Erb won $25 million in 2012 Legalizing Weed and spent a lot of that money on charitable causes and... $1 million to support organizations for marijuana legalization.

Michael Carroll from the UK began to spend his $15.8 million winnings incredibly quickly. He was rumored to have spent around $3,000 on cocaine every day, he also bought several luxury cars and crashed them on a homemade racetrack. This eventually led to Carroll having to sell his mansion after losing almost all of his wealth.

John Kutey won a share of the $319 million prize offered in the Mega Million lottery in 2011 along with six other people. His share was $28.7 million. He and his wife decided to spend $250,000 on demolishing a local pool and installing a huge spray park along with donating $200,000 to help build a water park in New York.