17 Most Creepy & Fucked Up Things That Hospital Workers Have Ever Seen On Duty

"Saw a lady once who had gotten high on something and chewed off her lips."

WARNING: Somewhat terrifying, not for the squeamish... I mean it, some of these are REALLY fucked up...<br><br>1.

"Medical student. While on my Psych rotation, came across an individual who was a chemistry graduate student. Apparently he had been taking astronomical amounts of ketamine, and he was just continuously disassociated. For the entire time I was on this portion of the rotation (3 weeks) I never heard him speak a word. 95% of the time we was wrapped up in his sheets like a mummy and he would just periodically laugh, a crazy soft chuckle, from under his covers if you tried to talk to him. The creepiest laugh I've ever heard, I'll never forget that."


"I work as a psychotherapist in a hospital system. My definition of creepy is probably quite a bit different from other medical professionals. The one that got to me the most was a patient who came to us after attempting suicide by sawing both his arms off at the forearm with a table saw. His arms were reattached, fairly successfully too, with only limited impairments in mobility. All I could think was how bad it would have to be to live in his head that sawing his arms off seemed better than that. He has since completed suicide."