Doctors Have Warned 'Human Barbie' That Her Implants Could Explode If She Continues...

Blondie Bennet aka Human Barbie has undergone five boob enlargements, cheek implants, chin liposuction AND Botox to fulfill her dream of becoming a real life Barbie. She has been warned by doctors that her breast implants could explode if she continues, but she doesn't want to stop.<br><br>Blondie is from California and even appeared on TV show Botched, but surgeons refused to enlarge them any more due to possible health complications.

But she says she still wants to find a someone to carry out the surgery, so her dream of becoming

On top of all the physical changes, Blondie has actually undergone hypno-therapy so as to make her as empty as a plastic doll. Not kidding.<br><br>